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what’s so great about the JAM camp?


JAM students learn much more by ACTIVELY participating in music clinics. To maximize playing time and to enhance intense instructional time, all students will participate in two bands – a morning clinic band and an afternoon showcase band and will begin their day with a master class on their chosen instrument/voice “The Eye Opener” every Monday-Wednesday and Friday.

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This format allows the students to learn by participation; to collaborate with highly respected and educated clinicians; and to network with other students.

Talent at The Jam is highly respected.

The JAM is an advanced music camp for aspiring young musicians with at least 2 years of experience – there are no beginner lessons offered at The JAM. The JAM is primarily for the young musician who is looking to advance professionally and seek out future band members.

Each band rehearsal is produced by our instructors and clinicians, who are well-respected, music industry top professional performers and songwriters, hailing from University of Miami, Belmont , MTSU and Berklee College of Music.

What Makes Jam Camp #1

This camp completely broke me out of my shell, transformed me as a performer, helped me start my band, & has kickstarted my dreams. I cannot thank everyone involved in this camp enough for the experiences & opportunities I’ve been given. You have changed my life. Thank you!

– AN (student) JAM 2014

What Makes Jam Camp #1

The JAM has absolutely changed my overall life. I have learned so many new things about music, as well as making tons of new friends along the way. You really feel like you’re a part of something bigger than just you at the JAM, and you are. Here, we’re one giant family – a Jamily, if you will – and the JAM does its best to make everyone a part of that family. I love it to no end.

– AK (student) JAM 2014

What Makes Jam Camp #1

If you are deciding whether your child should attend Jam Camp, I would highly recommend it. For the low price, you will be amazed at how organized the camp is. They will challenge your child to work with groups in areas with which your child might not be comfortable at first, but this will only to help your child grow. Great staff, great instructors and other parents very welcoming and friendly.

– MW (parent) JAM 2014

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